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Myrtle Beach Area

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Hey all,

Just moved down here from Baltimore, where I was pretty damn close to Patapsaco and a couple of other pretty good state parks. Looking for some (non-flat) areas to ride around here- I heard Myrtle Beach State Park has a few trails- any other areas around worth checking out- I am not hardcore or anything, I mainly like riding singletrack that isn't too technical but I will take what I can get.

Also if anyone has any leads on any jobs down here give me a shout. Been a machinist for a few years, but a divorce has made me move down here and look for work.


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I know there is a piece of the Palmetto trail that starts off on Hwy. 17 somewhere between Georgetown and Mt. Pleasant. I rode it once when I was in Charleston. It. There is a nice loop at the old Navy base in Charleston with some good scenery. I really don't know about anything actually in MB. Most people go there to play putt-putt golf, eat overpriced seafood buffets, and get sunburned. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I remember seeing some references on this board to trails near Wilmington, which is not too far from MB. Good luck with your job hunt.
Not much in the way of trails in this area. There's a small trail up in Little River(right near the NC/SC border), which is Vereen Gardens. About 6 miles worth of trail out there. Worth checking out atleast.

The trail Mike is referring to is Blue Clay trail in Wilmington. About 7 miles out there and quite a bit more technical. Depending on where you are in MB, that can be quite a drive. About 45min from me, here in Ocean Isle Beach. You could add at least another 30min onto that.

Check our local area website: for some more info on Blue Clay.

I'd be glad to show you around.

I'm in Wilmington and ride Blue Clay weekly. The folks of Sir Bikes and others have made a lot out of not much. It's worth the ride up to take it in. Surprisingly there are some hills thought short length. That link provided will give you everything you need to know. I, too, would be glad to show you around.

You may also want to consider what has become my favorite set of non-Wilmington trails. F.A.T.S. on the SC side of Augusta, GA, has 40 miles of really great trails. About 4 hours from you:

You can also think about Harbison in Columbia, SC:

And Uhwarrie near the NC Zoo city of Asheboro, NC:

There are nice trails in the Raleigh area and a trail in Greenville, NC. You may also enjoy Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville, SC, which I really enjoy.

A days ride will, of course, put you in Pisgah and Dupont.
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Thanks for the info fellas.

The Navy Base loop in Charleston is called Marrington...they are ok with a random visit to ride, but if you are a regular, you will need to get a patron pass...its fast, swoopy and somewhat technical...good stuff

here is a link to the trail..

zoom out on the embedded Google map to determine driving directions...
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