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MY21 rockshox Sid damper bleed

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Looking at service documents / videos everything shows total removal of the damper to bleed the lockout. Anyone try this bleed with the damper still installed in the fork? Curious if a quicker bleed can be done at race site without total disassembly.
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You could do it, although you will need to at least remove the spring side footnut (and tap it loose) so you can pull the lowers down to fully extend the damper. If you don’t the damper will be at roughly zero pressure/borderline vacuum at top out which leads to cavitation, sucking in air etc.
When you assemble it at full extension there will be slight pressure from the bladder once you compress it back down and everything should function properly.

If you are needing to bleed it regularly though it could be a sign of an other problem that I would look at between races
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