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i just bought a used 2002 xce frame, which i just built up from my parts off my old marin rock springs. well, not fully built up because i just realized i don't have the right size bb. so i might slurge on some new isis cranks/bb, since the ones placed on the bike for the pic are very old race face square tapers. i can't wait to have this thing fully built up - for me, this should be the perfect bike for kananaskis country near calgary



2002 19.5" xce w/romic shock
magura ronin 110 fork
avid mechanicals
race face and deore xt/lx components
front mavic xt/f519, rear deore/f219 wheels

since i decided to buy the frame, i've been lurking on this forum and have found lots of great info on these bikes. i had never thought about buying a high-end frame like this before, but when it came up in the sale ads i did my research, and am confident i have made the right choice. these are really great looking bikes, and i know i'll have a great time with it on the trails.


Bon Vie
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CrashTheDOG said:
Great get. Welcome to the world of the Pooftas!!
Yup that sure is purdy...............I'm also positive that 'Zilla will dig the cranks (no matter the age) ;) . Welcome to the Homer board. Ride in style, ride with class, ride with a smile.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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