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Time flies...
2,206 Posts's very...colorful!
I like the white frame w/ red logos.

But I thought we were supposed to trade our other frames in for new Titus'...???


*Hope stem...??

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Very, very nice.
I am headed that same direction this winter. The Mrs. is talking about more travel than her RX 80, she does not need a burly build (she only weighs 110lbs), and I think the Spot would fit the bill nicely. But baby blue all the way (to match her dark blue king hubs).

trail fairy
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Dam sweet bike

She is on lucky lady, thats some bling there!

I just like the bike personally the white and red logo is cool, the rest is personal taste, but well done, keep us informned how she likes the new beast, Im sure shell be fuly converted to the Pack/RFX!

Definitley deserves next months TOM:thumbsup:

Enjoy, hope youre riding a Turner as well dude or soon to be;)

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I just noticed the King cups are different colors. :thumbsup:

Hope is a good guess on the stem, but I'm not sure about that stem face plate. Hopes don't look like that, do they?

Yeah, he's shooting with a nice camera as well. What was the f stop in that 4th pic?

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Thanks for the complement.

Frame - Turner 5 pack with push rockers
Crank - 07 XTR
Cogs - 07 XTR
FD - 07 XTR
RD - 08 XT
Stem - Tune
Seatpost - Thomson
Saddle - Fizik Gobi
Shifters - 07 XTR
Brakes - Magura Marta SL with Ventidisc and Goodridge cables
Handlebar - Maxm MX5
Fork - Talas R
Wheelset - I9 ultralite
Tires - Nevegal 2.1
Headset - Chris King ( I have 2 sets so I mixed the colors )
Chain - KMC Gold Chain
Bash Guard - E13
Tensioner - Black Spire
Seat Clamp - Hope

4th pics is f3.5,iso 400, Ill try to take better pics next time.

The badge has a silver sticker background.

I took the pics but I agree that Nikongrapher is really good in taking pics.

She is enjoying the Turner a lot. According to her its a lot better compared to her old frame. We sometimes swap bikes and Im very happy I got the Turner. Unfortunately my other bike is not a Tuner. Dont get mad its a moment


bike bike bike!
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Gorgeous bike, levi! The missus must be really happy!:thumbsup:

BTW thanks for taking our pics during the last 12hr race, got the disc from Fatcat :)

Told you guys Philippine Turner's rock! ;)
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