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My wife Won

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Ok I know my prioraties are screwed, but

I just saved up enough $$ for a Mob for the trails, but alas my wife says.. you have 3 bikes andeach one is worth more than your car.. all I want is a TV upgrade...

So I caved and we are now owners of a nice 44inch LCD TV...

We went from 20 to 44 it makes my living room feel like a theater..


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Yeah you must be reaaaaaaal bummed out huh?
to bad

soooo sad
have a rich friend who has a 12 foot by 9 foot screen in there house. its crzy compard to my 25 in 15 year old tv
Should have stuck with the 20".

Now the bro's with the PS2 Madden will be coming over all the time. ( ;
WTF? You're bummed that your wife wanted a TV? Just wait till she asks you for like jewlrey or something.....dude...please. 44 Inch TV? Can you say Super Bowl Party?
either way you win
man that should have put your foot down and showed her who is bosss...............

should have got at least a 50 inch
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sick tv man. i wouldn't get a big tv unless it's nessesary, like for gaming. anything 70inches+ is stupid unless you watch a bunch of movies. btw glad to see some people getting LCD over Plasma.
Sweet, do you have all 6 speakers + sub woofer wired in yet. Super Bowls gonna look & sound sweet with that!
I like the dlp tvs the most, there not the skinniest but they have a great picture.
Funny but yea it is not that bad

Yea I know,

I did win either way, quite an improvment over the little TV..

AS for surround sound, I did not save up that much :D

Not a big deal I will get the bike one of these days.. and for jewlery, yea we are already down that path, something I do not understand but hey what can I say she let me have the bikes and has never said anything till this one. I just watched Statement and Free Wheel Buring while on the trainer and it was much cooler than the old one..

I thought you "older" :p guys would understand!!

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duck <---tv free since '92
which model did you go with? I've been shopping plasmas in the 42-50" range. I'm finding Panasonic is pretty highly regarded. The TV was a smart move. You'll need to scrounge up a few hundred and get a nice TV stand.
TV sucks, a lame way to try to live thru others..... i haven't watched TV in my own house for several years......
I do not have TV, decided that. My hunny thinks the same.
No TV upgrade issue possible.
.WestCoastHucker. said:
TV sucks, a lame way to try to live thru others..... i haven't watched TV in my own house for several years......
congratulations, you're awesome.
I've got a 60 inch projection screen upgraded from a 27 inch TV(27 is puny) and I must say it is better than a 4th bike in your case. If you need help in surround sound, pm me. I'm a complete dork on this subject and even build hifi speakers.
Dinette Set
Dinette Set
went with the Dinette set...familiar?
RTM said:
congratulations, you're awesome.
don't hate me because i'm not part of the brainwashed masses....
Big screen/bike

Do what my brother-in -law does.Take it back!Get a Projector.Like an Infocus for under a grand and build your own screen.I got a 76" screen that coast like 75 bucks including tools,(pocket hole jig).I got the Infocus from Costco.By now the newer upgrade is less than I paid.Also you can save a ton of money building your own speakers.I got a pair of subs I built hooked to a 350 watt a channel amp for way cheap.A used Adcom 555.My main speaks are almost 15 years old.Home made Dynaudio.You can still get the drivers on Ebay.Also whole speaks at audio stuff lasts for ever!In the end I got a ton of money in home theater and bikes,but no car!HaHaHaHa!My wife drives and I ride to work.And I don't even work anymore.MTB movies are awsome on the big screen.
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