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Mountain Peaks, Left to Right

(referring to the big panorama pic, last in the series)

Mt. Adams
Mt. Hood
Mt. St. Helens
Mt. Rainier

the ridge line leading to Rainier is Juniper Ridge, there is actually a trail there, mostly for motorcycles. I've biked some parts of it, well, pushed bike...
to the south is the Boundary trail #1, seen here between Mt. Hood and Mt St Helens. It is a serious back country trail. I have ridden almost all parts of the 37 mile trail except for a small part right in the middle and another small part on the west end. Each part was a big ride for me. I know a fella that climbs Mt Adams, snow boards down, rides mtb on the Boundary Trail to St Helens, climbs that, and then heads to Rainier or Hood to climb them. All in a day or two. He ain't human. He once tried to climb 7 major NW volcanos in 7 days. I think he did 6 of them.

Anyways, there is some good riding out here, but ya gotta work for it..

bike ON

highly visible
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Hey, great pics Bob!

In a couple weeks my wife and I (and the dog) will be spending 5 days camping and hiking in the GPNF. May have to check that peak out.
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