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If you have never been to Durango to go mt. biking. I would say it is a must. I went there this past weekend and it was the most amazing place you could go riding this time of season. The weather was perfect except for slight drizzles, but that just added to the adventure. I went to Purgatory and rode the ski lift as many times as I could until I crashed and that ended my day. But they have NORBA comming soon so the track was all laid out for them and I was able to see upclose what the track looked like and it was pretty intense :eek: . I rode to one part of the trial that had a fork in it. one way said, "easy way home," the other, "DEMONS pass." Of course i took the demons pass. and soon found my self taking a head dive down the rough rocks. So if youre going to go do the downhill make sure you are up for it. The other most serine place to ride there was a place called hermosa creek this was a 20 mile ride from end to end but i would rate this trail at the top of all trials. Thats all i have to say about that.


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