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Well i have had this bad boy since October 2013 i have ridden it for 2-300+Km thus far, i have made a few modifications to it swithced: handle bar, grips,seat post, saddle.
S-Works Prowess carbon mini rise handlebar
S-Works bar ends
S-Works SL stem 75mm
S-Works carbon MTB Seat post
Phenom Pro team edition saddle
I am re-writing this :)

Well the rides i havedone on it have all been smooth and the Brains are just fantastic if i may say so.
Well i haven´t had a chance to test it in the woods that much yet as i got the bike in October i won´t be able to ride it on single tracks amongst roots and stuff, but where i will be able to ride it i will do it to the extent of my abilities which are little bit "floating" as i don´t know how much my body can handle anymore.

i have done over 400 Km on this bad boy thus far.
Alot of them are to work and home but also a few longer rides.

i am really lucky to have this bike and to be able to ride a bike at all.

So here are the +

it is fast
it is light
it is good for everything i throw at it

now the -

well not many i know only thing is it feels like it is as fragile as glass
which means i am so careful with it not to damage the frame on it which makes me a bit over cautious of any noise i feel shouldn´t be there.

the Verdict:

what a bike i mean is there anything it can´t handle when it comes to terrain?
well yes there are a few or so sort of terrain but generally i don´t know.

the model it self has won the Olympics that stands for something this bike will probably outlast me as i am not sure how many ears i can ride a bike.

But as long as i can i will ride it to the extent of my abilities that is for sure.

As it comes to the Carbon railed Phenom saddle it is outstanding it isn´t at all as hard as i thought it to be, i do however sit lower now than before but i got more pain in my butt from the Phenom Comp Gel saddle than i do from this, today i rode it for 46 km on and off some of the way home was easier to get by standing up but the tarmac parts it was good.
so if you are thinking about it get it it is that good.

otherwise there isn´t much to complain about the bike the fork keeps it´s pressure as does the shock in the rear, the only downside is that i did not notice the length of the cable housing and it did rub on the downside of the BB that is however fixed for now.
I will however next time i change cables fix longer housing i also noticed today a ticking sound sitting and pedaling probably a sand corn or something that´s stuck sometimes it sounds "plastic" sometimes i can´t hear it but there is something making that ticking sound.

so i just need ot get more confident on the bike and i probably will let go a bit more than i can do now.

well that is some of my thoughts about this bike for now anyways

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Well well

it weighs somewhere between 11.39-11.41kg and only the pedals weigh 392g which will be replaced for lighter race pedals :)

i never thought i get it down that much in weight if only i could afford the Roval Control carbon rims wow that would do a lot for handling and all :)

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Well i got some new goodies for the Epic off will the somewhat large and heavy XT PDT780 pedals off i got my new XTR SPD pedals :)

Also i had a annoying ticking sound so i pulled the crank arms and i had some play indeed so i Google´d and found that the tech manual for SRAM XX cranks had exactly what i needed to find the pre-load adjuster and what to do if there is play after the cranks are installed and now i have no play :D

so to a Question i have for you, if the bike weighs roughly 11.4 kg´s now

i wonder though what it will weigh when my new XTR M987´s are installed and with the XTR M980 SPD´s :)
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