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My test ride - Performance Access XCL

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Test rode one of these the other day.

I really like how it felt. I was seriously considering one of the Moto's but now I'm not so sure. Moto handled fine and provides a lot of value for the money but so does the Access. Plus I've done business with Performance since the 80's so I'm a little more comfortable with them.

I want a 29er so bad I could just bust. They really handle the curbs and potholes easier. Only saved up 500 bills so far. I may have to open a paypal donate site.

Maybe I could sell that extra .22 rifle and that old telescope that just collects dust.
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I've been very happy with my Access frame (built mine up from a bare frame). Would choose it again in a heartbeat.

If you have to save up more $$$ to keep from having to go with anything with a Dart fork (or less), it will be well worth it.
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