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My taint hurts, after nearly a week of no riding.

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Im a large rider (6'5" 220lbs) who's rather new to mountain bike riding. I was riding 3 + times a week, but after my last ride that area started to hurt really bad. It usually hurts for a day or so, but this time it has stayed painful since Monday (2/21/11). There is no chafing or irritation visible. the tissue and bone hurt. I've tried new saddles and the pants are no help at all. Is it time to see a doctor?
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Yikes. I'd say go get that sucker looked at. Could be a fractured pelvis, coccyx, or internal taintal damage. Good luck man!
That does seem like an unusually long period for the pain to be sticking around. I would see a Dr. if you can.

I would also definately look into all sorts of saddles until you find one that you really like.
Just curious if you are standing rather than sitting on the descents?

If you are sitting down (a lot of noobies do this) while descending, your undercarriage may be taking some unnecessary punishment. Even while climbing, you will need to learn that when going over rough terrain, you need to unweight a little from the saddle so your taint doesn't get hammered.
im riding a giant revel. I really only sit down on flat ground and my commutes to trails.
Same level of pain since tuesday I'd say have a doctor visit. Have you tried any WTB saddles, or other ones with the cutout? Solved all the issues I had, after narrowing that down I just had to find one in the lineup that fit my sit bones well. Also might want to check the seat angle. You shouldn't really have any pressure on that area, it should all be on the 2 bones in your butt. Sorry if you've already heard all this. If you haven't it should help.
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