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My ST's too small

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Just put my Helius ST together (finally) and I find the cockpit a bit tight. Normally I ride XL in other Nic frames but bought a large in the ST. I'm about Whafes build and height I think, 6ft 3.5ins, 95 kg? Currently I have a seatpost (Thomson) without lay-back and a stem (Thomson) 45mm x 1.5 inch. So is a 70mm stem ok for this type of bike, in which case what make? Thomson only do 45mm, so I was thinking of fitting a Race Face Diabolus 70mm x 1.5 and a Diabolus 30mm dia. seatpost with 20mm of lay-back. The choice in 30mm is rather limited and I would rather not have to use a shim. Any suggestions and advice would be welcome. Thanks.
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I had a 65mm Easton Vice stem on my FR when first built so that might be a good option. Mine was 1 1/8" though I seem to recall they came in 1.5" as well. It's classed as a DH/FR stem so I'm sure it will be plenty strong enough for the ST.
As TLR mentions, go with a Sunline VOne 65mm stem, built like a brick sh!thouse......

Sunline VOne Stem (Yeah ha)
Ryates that must be very frustrating but you know I'm sure you'll get used to the size and may even come to prefer it. The large Helius ST is pretty long in the top tube, 610mm/24" - compare that to the Ion ST, which is 593mm/23.3". Wharfe rides a large Ion and OK it is a pure DH bike, but the Helius ST is more or less a DH bike as well. I guess you're using it as more of a trail/freeride bike? Once you're out of the saddle the cockpit size will be less noticeable than when you're sat down.
Anyway, more importantly, what colour is it and have you put it on the database?

Happy trails.
I agree, I think you will come to like it.... If you look at hwo I have the FR set up, the saddle is higher than the bars and stem, seems odd, but it is fact comfy. I was at first nervous that I could do a big epic ride. But it is sweet as..... Then the joy comes on strong when you lower the saddle..... yeah baby..... Yeah show us some pics, want some stokage..... LOL
Thanks guys for the feedback...feel happier now. I will try lay-back sp and 70mm stem and then take some shots....I will post asap. Just a note on TT lengths: I think the TT dimension on the Helius ST of 610mm must be taken to an imaginery centre line from the stubby post that is in line with the BB? Can anybody confirm this? The actual dimension to the seatpost measured horizontally is around 585mm. If this is not correct then I have been given a medium by mistake?

measurement "D" is the horizontal toptube-length. Hope this helps.

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Ryates you should definitely check that out and not take for granted that you got the right size. I have nothing but love for Nicolai as a company, but they do seem to make little mistakes with the orders. There are a few examples on here about options being missed off the finished product, colours being wrong; it probably wouldn't be the first time that the wrong size had been sent out. The thing is that their customer service is excellent and when it's that good, most things can be forgiven.

Think of it like this, if they can crash land the Mars beagle probe on Mars because someone mixed up metric with imperial units when programming the lander, then it's not beyond the realms of possibility that someone got the wrong size on your frame.
Oh fook....I think it might even be a SMALL. I measured the top tube as 570mm and wheelbase as 1160mm. That's crazy.
jeezuz - not the first time i've witnessed this.....dipper received an XL when he ordered a L FR......
that is a nightmare - are you UK based ?
thats rubbish, whats it with them messing up st's. I haven't bothered to check the sice on mine, I think I will do on monday when I pick it up. I'm 6ft 4 and went for the xl, I am slightly worried that it will handle like a barge but we shall see.
FOOK is right - Make contact with Falco in the morning on the blower and get it sorted.... Not cool.... Sorry to hear this fook up
Simon, Mike and Falco are on the case.....I'm expecting to hear back tomorrow.
credit where where credit it due, they sorted out my st quickly and efficiently and it arrived on the earliest day they said it would
Things I've learnt about Nicolai's:

1. Always check when ordering what year of manufacture you are actually going to get. Example: I ordered my Helius ST in April 08 and rather naively thought it would be an 08. But no, mine turns out to be 07 production with 07 dims and angles.

2. When comparing the top tube lengths on the ST's (both UFO and Helius) don't expect the stated dimesions to be the actual ones you get. The dim stated is based on a virtual line taken from the BB and passing along the axis of the stubby FD tube. The intersection of this vitual line with a horizontal line from the centre of the top of the head tube is the TT dimension. So if you measure to the seatpost it will be my case about 20mm or so. This rule may not apply to 09 models since I was told the frames have got bigger.

Ian, I would be interested to know what your XL measures. I am going to try a sp with layback and/or some longer stems and see how things feel. I like the idea of keeping the frame as small as possible on this kind of bike so I am hoping the above will prove successful without upsetting the handling.
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fwiw, i have no idea what rear tri is fitted to my supposed size L Helius AM.
i wonder if the pedal strike is associated to some kind of swingarm / linkage sizing issue ! ? !

shame as it's perfect otherwise.
ryates said:
Ian, I would be interested to know what your XL measures. I am going to try a sp with layback and/or some longer stems and see how things feel. I like the idea of keeping the frame as small as possible on this kind of bike so I am hoping the above will prove successful without upsetting the handling.
I pick it up on monday, i'll post all the measurements
Normally the rear triangle is the same on all frame sizes - it's only the front frame that changes.
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