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Cross post from the SS forum.

I love GT and always wanted to try a SS out. Got a deal on this Peace and decided to bling it out.

The best part about it: Triple Triangle Steel frame. Zing!

So I've had it for about a month and a half now. I've been riding the **** out of it and loving every second. A few days ago I got all the stuff from HBC to make it complete.

09' GT Peace 9er (New Old Stock)
Titec J-Bar
ESI Chunky Grips
Jagwire brake cables
Wellgo MG1 Pedals
Home Brewed Components 1/8th 32T chain ring and 18T cog
KMC Z510H BMX chain
Purely Custom chain ring bolts, valve covers, brake end crimps
Mandarin Orange Brooks B-17 saddle
Incredibell Jellibell Bicycle Bell (Brrrinngg!)

I've got the Purely Custom Soft Touch Bash guard but I don't know if I want to put it on yet. I need longer chain ring bolts and I kind of like the look of the exposed blue chain ring with the orange chain.

I've also got a pair of orange HBC nut tuggers but they are too large for the Peace's drop outs- and will have to be grinded down. It's a job for a weekend when it is raining.


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nice set up...i changed mine out for xc racing (had no choice!), but it turned out to be a great choice...and the bike (aside from the brakes) was faultless...added some customized bar-ends, 20t cog for our PA inclines and a lighter seat (and of course spd pedals), this thing really rips.

i have the same tri-tone blue...i really want to find the army green one in S or M.....

i think i might have to try out those handlebars one day...
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