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My Singulator broke its spring!

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Hi, long time listner, first time caller.... Anyhoo, being new to the wonderful ss world, I converted an old cromo hardtail to a ss using a surly singulator. All's been great until..... I was riding over a log and then "twang", no tension on the chain. To my disbelief, the spring in my singulator had snapped?

What would cause this?

Could I have had too much tension on the chain?

I run it pushing up if it matters. Please help, I'm running it with the down pushing spring for the moment so I'm not off the bike, just a little disapointed it broke is all.

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I'll send you my push up spring.I'll never use it.
It's not ideal, but in a pinch folks have used zipties or strong rubber bands to hold the things up.

I've used my wife's hairbands, even though the spring was functional. This just made it pull up more strongly so there was less rattling around:

I've heard of the spring end slipping out of or messing up the anchor hole in the body of the Singleator, possibly when you preload the tension too high.
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I took an old derailleur apart and used that spring. Cut off an extra loop or two, bent the end up, and it worked.
mine did the same, in push-up and gave it a real shake on the landing after going off some stairs. on the plus side, it is a great reason to look at a horizontal dropout/ebb/sliding dropout frame to upgrade to.
Surly has replacement springs.

Just get a new spring. Couple bucks at the most. And make sure to lather the new spring with grease AND make certain it's engaged int he body of the singleator when reinstalled.
hey, thanks for all the ideas, the hairband one looks neat. In the meantime its in the down position, but i'll see if i can get a replacement spring. I live in Australia so sometimes it can be tricky getting small parts at an affordable price.

Did it break due to overtensioning it, or did it just break? this is the question
I can post you my push down spring for nothing if you want mate, I'm in Melbourne. Just let me know.

Again-mine as well-it's just sitting in a box-I'll never use it.
Who Knows

I think sometimes the just give up. Overtightening may contribute to this, but you will have to be the judge on that.

I still like the springless design of the Rennen better for this reason and many others. It is more of a guide than a tensioner.
I used an old cantilever brake spring. It has longer extensions at each end of the spring and allows way more tension on the singulator. You can even tension it in such a manner that it will lock out the negative direction of the spring...i.e. the singulater will only move in one direction, the direction needed to put tension on the chain...essentially becomes a motionless will never dump a chain using this method.

I ought to patent this knowledge...I'm so awesome.
Anybody using a Melvin?

I am on my second singulator and am having to use the Zippie method pictured below. I was thinking of switching to a Melvin, but would like to hear if any of you have experience
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