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Broken but on the mend
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yeti dj size med
fox 813 fork
saint cranks
deity decoy pedals
e 13 lg1
e 13 32t chain ring
saint derailleur
american racing rims and hubs
deity fantom stem
deity classic grips
deity pyston seat post
deity sygnal seat
avid elixer brakes
truvativ world cup bars.

sorry i dont know how to spin the pics i am just to excited about the new build and wanna post it up
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local trails rider
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Usually it is best to route the front brake hose on the inside of the fork leg: it is better protected there, less likely to get snagged on anything.

Nice build. Not really my favorite color combination, though (but it isn't my bike either :p ).

what the quan?!
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Looks fun, not a fan of the purple but I kinda wish I had a dirt jumper I think I'm to old for that now haha .
I concur, sweet build there!

Man- I tried to revisit the DJ thing a couple years ago... my body just can't take it anymore (15 years ago it never would have posed a problem) heh! sold it on pinkbike after about 3 months.

I need rear suspension for anything jump related these days. :D

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Pretty sick build u got there. I think if I could start over I'd get a yeti.

The seat, was thinking of getting one how's it feel? Pretty soft? I sit down a good bit and my current seat (atomlab pimplite) is ravaging my taint. How u like the sygnal?
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