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Hello everyone!
I'm writing this post because I would like to share my experience of mountain biking, the darkest part. And its called defective frame and dealer problems
Its all started out when I've purchased a Kross level TE bike in September of 2020. Since I'm located in Russia and can't visit EU due to covid restrictions I found an official distributor of KROSS bikes here in Russia, Kaliningrad - Eduard T. Or who he claimed to be.

He sells Kross bikes with box, warranty and other documents to provide service if something happens. Who knew that everything would go wrong after that moment. He even holds some races for KROSS in Russia officially, so my dount is he is not a fraudster. .
Later on, when I started to ride my new Kross level TE, I began to notice weird cracking sounds from the seatpost area. Well it sounded like usual dirt and carbon clicking. Removed the original seatpost by FSA, cleaned everything all the way, applied FSA carbon grease and put everything back in tightening with a 5nm force. Nothing changed. And as the miles went on, the noises got louder and louder. And once after inspecting my bike it was obvious that the frame cracked! How could it? I've never ever ridden drops or stepdowns with it - just don't have enough courage and skill for that. What's as well fascinating - the stock tire rubbed off the red paint inside the rear triangle. Very weird! So, after I've found these cracks, I immediately contacted my official dealer - Eduard. He told me that everything will be sorted out in days. And it's been almost 2 months and there is no progress at all. Experience with Kross is one of the worst in my life, I would like to get this matter resolved, I have upcoming events to ride and I need a bike that will not put me and others in danger due to factory defects. I've already emailed Kross Poland, but they don't care about their customers. All they say that is my business with dealer and hardly respond to any emails at all!

I just wanted to share my experience with Kross bikes. Its just the opposite of some other good bike brands, that I've luckily experienced before. I don't know what is going to be the end of my story, I really hope that this manufacturer will change their attitude towards their customers.
Kind regards, Roman Akhmetov


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My only suggestion would be to find a similar Chinese carbon frame manufacturer and find a frame that is similar to yours. You can them swap all the parts to the new frame. Maybe check out ICAN, but there’s many others.

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