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My Rune is finished!

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First up thanks to Chris at Drop n Zone in Bellingham. I was in contact with Chris on a daily basis for weeks deciding on all the parts to put on this beast. After I placed the order he kept me up to date on the status, answered all my additional questions and shipped it to me in San Diego. I would def order another bike from these guys.

I sold my Giant DH team (45+lbs) and plan to sell my 2004 Enduro and use the Rune for everything from CC to light DH.

Here are the specs:
2008 Rune Frame (L)
Cane Creek 110 headset (1.5")
2010 Fox 36 Van RC2 (1.5)
2010 DHX RC4 Coil (also have DHX 5.0 Air, haven't ridden enough to decide which one to keep)
Shimano SLX Cranks (24,36)
SLX front der.
XT Shadow rear der
XT rear cassette (11-34)
Avid Elixir CR 8" front and 7" rear
Peatty lock on grips
Gravity Dropper Turbo
Truvativ AKA stem
Rave Face Atlas FR bars
E13 DRS chainguide
Wellgo MG-1 pedals

Wheels are True Precision Stealth Hubs (yeah! Silent and instant engagement FTW)
Stans Flow rims, running tubeless
Maxxis Minion Tires 2.35 single ply

I'm sure I forgot some things, so far I have only ridden it a few time, can't wait to get some more trail time to dial in the suspension and get used to the geometry.


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Good looking Rune. What trails are you riding in SD?
Looks fantastic! I too have had only pleasant experiences with Chris from DNZ! Highly recommended!
Very interesting build!
Is that the 30.9 GD? I'll be interested also to hear what you think of the True Precision hubs, the one way roller bearings are kinda neat, saw them at IB this year.
Hey Cachaulo,

The bike looks sweet! Can't wait to hear more about how it feels with the RC4 - especially vs another shock. Are you going to be able to bring the bike to Bellingham on your visit?

Thanks for the kind words about the shop also (you too Matt!). For a good build to come together right, it takes as much stoke and participation from our customers as it does from us. We have been lucky to consistently find ourselves working with cool people who love to ride their bikes, and the members of the mtbr forums like yourself have been especially great in that regard. Also, don't forget a thanks to Dalen at Banshee for hooking us up with the seatpost connections! We'll see you when you get to the PNW,

Black and white combi is soooo cooool.
post in Rune Vanity thread also.
Chris- you are right can't forget to thank Dalen at Banshee. My past bikes have been from the bigger companies like Specialized/Giant so I wasn't sure what to expect with Banshee. When I had a frame question that stumped Chris he waslike "I'll call Dalen and get bck to you" 20 min later I had an answer. When the frame had the seatpost diam. I wasn't expecting, I could no longer use the hand-me-down Joplin from a buddy of Dalen got a me a killer deal on the Gravity Dropper which I am loving so far!

Thanks guys, top notch service.
very clean - the black/white looks way nice. Can't wait to see some riding shots.

I've heard nothing but great things from the guys at Drop n Zone - I will definitely recommend people go their way.
Can you give us a wheelbase measurement and shock ETE x stroke? Thanks.
How did the E13 DRS fit? Did you have to do any mods to it to get it to install?
egginsoup said:
How did the E13 DRS fit? Did you have to do any mods to it to get it to install?
The guys at Drop n Zone installed it, as far as i know there were no mods to it. It is not the latest version of the DRS, not sure if the new one is any different.

Ti spring installed, gravity dropper turbo remote routed and installed, new pics and final weight coming... : )
Do you happen to know the 36/24t rings you are running on the SLX cranks? I am running 36/26t Shimano steel rings on SLX cranks for the Rune and bike definitely bobs less in the granny gear without the 22t, but was missing the two gears today on a +2k' climb in about 3 miles. I much prefer a 24t at least and will probably run SLX 12-36 cassette too. I need all the gears I can get to get my 220lb. tail up the the steep pitches here in PacNW.


I run 26/34t on my SLX cranks, twinned with a 11-34 cassette, which seems to help me up most things.
dumb question. i've never dealt with it, since this bike has a bottom pull front derailer, do you need a special derailer to work? will a normal sram or shimano work?
You will need either a bottom pull or a dual pull FD. I believe that most of the SRAM FDs are dual pull and most of the new shimano is also. I will let others comment on that.
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