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So it seems like this forum has been a little quiet for a while. My first nice bike back into riding after a long hiatus was the 2017 Diamondback Release 3. I absolutely loved that bike, but thought I needed a carbon bike. I ended up getting a Release 4c, then a 5c for a short period of time, then found myself on multiple other bikes, landing in my current cycle which is a Santa Cruz Bronson.

I still hold a special place in my heart for that DBR3!

I recently bought a 2019 Release 1 for a buddy bike/son’s bike. I really enjoy the handling characteristics of the release..... I saw a 2016 Release 3 frame for sale for a great price, so I grabbed it up. I love the red and black color scheme. I actually got the red/black wheelset too!

Sooooo, Ive decided to build it up.... and I’m planning a bit of a “dream build” or halo bike build with it! The thing I DON’T love about the frame are the white links, so I’m going to swap them out for the black links on my 2019.

Build list so far...

RockShox Lyric RED!

XTR M9120 Four Piston Brakes

Cane Creek Eewings Titanium Cranks!

Absolute Black Oval

Industry Nine Enduro 305 Wheelset with Torch hubs. (Considering the new CrankBrothers Synthesis Alloy Enduro wheels with i9 1/1 hubs)

X01 Eagle Cassette, Deralluire, Shifter, and chain.

Fox Transfer Dropper

Raceface Next R Carbon Bar

Raceface Atlas Stem

Raceface Chester pedals RED

Thats the plan so far. I’ve been really tempted to try the new Shimano 12 speed stuff. I just already have all the X01 Eagle stuff.

So follow along with me on my build journey, haha.

Forks, cranks, and brakes should be here on Thursday. Most of the rest of it I already have. :)


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Ok, parts are starting to arrive!

Unfortunately no bottom bracket or the build would start today. :)

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Amazing! That is one of my all-time favorite bike color schemes. I have the yellow and grey Release 1! I just went tubeless over the weekend. Fresh tuneup, too. I can't wait to feel how different it is. Do you have any updated pics? What size frame is that?
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