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My recent crapy conversions

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Decided to bring new life to a frame that had sitting in the garage for a while and to give my son the chance of trying out singlespeeding on his former ride. We couldn't ride due to rain and had to find something to do on the afternoons.

This is a mid 90's Cannondale frame built with spare parts, cost of converting $2.

Frame: Cdale M700
HS: Aheadset w adapter
Stem: RF
Handlebar: Azonic WF riser
Grips: Serfas
Cranks: RF Prodigy 175mm
Ring: RF 32t
Cog: Novatech 18t
Chain: SRAM PC99 Hollowpin
Tensioner: Singlerator
Wheels: RhinoLite rims laced to Shimano Paralax (rear) and no name hub (front)
Tires: WTB Mutano's
Seatpost: Cdale
Saddle: Vetta
Pedals: no name platforms

Since Little DeViL graduated to 26" wheels he's been asking about a SS for him to try. I tried to sell his geared bike and couldn't find a buyer, I went ahead and coverted it.

This is a 2004 Diamondback frame with all the gear related components removed, cost of converting $0.

Frame: Diamondback Octane 24
HS: Aheadset
Stem: Bontrager
Handlebar: Bontrager Crowbar
Grips: Profile Designs
BB: Shimano ES71
Cranks: Shimano LX 170mm
Ring: Salsa 34t
Cog: Boone 20t
Chain: SRAM PC69
Wheels: Alex rims laced to Shimano LX hubs
Tires: Kenda
Seatpost: Bontrager
Saddle: Bontrager
Pedals: no name platforms

Hope you guys like my recent work and please provide feedback for improvements.
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