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My product feedback note to RockShox/SRAM - SID SL just done

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hi, product feedback on the SID SL.

the chassis is fine, the bushings are fine.

THERES ZERO DAMPING and the damper is not tuneable. and the upper damper rod seal leaks.

i weigh 80kg. I have to run 130psi to keep the fork up because there's no compression damping AT ALL. at this pressure i have to run the rebound damping TOTALLY CLOSED, and there's still not enough wheel control.

I spent $200 shipping a damper to Shockcraft to have them fix it, like they do with your Charger 2.1 RC2 dampers, and i was informed that since the piston is PRESSED ON, any attempts at trying to remove the piston assembly would result in irreparable damage to the damper.

having disposable blackbox (love that pun right?!) parts as a business strategy is a bummer, but this is ESPECIALLY CONCERNING when i've also been waiting on a WARRANTY REPLACEMENT for five months (while dampers are being sold to OEMs like Intend.....) because the fking damper rod is hexagonal, allowing oil to leak through the cap seal (under the lockout lever).

I'm a Shimano guy, but i typically like the way RS stuff feels. this bullshit is just cheap and is pushing me to a 34SC. please do better.

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