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A retraction from my post titled "Unhappy with Bob's":

First, I got a call from Dave at Bobs last week asking if I got a chance to ride the bike, how I liked it. He said his shop wants to keep me happy, and
wants to take care of their customers. He also offerred to give me a trade in value if I wanted to ride a new/different bike every year and was generally being really cool.
They want to keep RM as a brand and would like to sell more bikes. If this rig turns out to work for me, I'll be really happy.

I was impressed by this call and appreciated it. By the way, at that time, he did NOT know about my posts, and I also was feeling pretty guilty about the posts
Right about that time!

I asked him about making some changes and he was more than willing to give me a trade value for a components (integrated shift/brake levers), and to order up what I want to make changes. This surprised me and made me realize I most definitely jumped the gun in making any judgements whatsoever.
They were easy to work with, cool and just easy going.

So you guys were correct in flaming me for my post. I ask that you don’t flame me now - as I don't think I should be dinged for admitting my mistake.

I will post some photos of the rig and an objective review after I've started to get more trail time on it...

Anyway, I was frustrated about a few things, and this post was not fair or objective in any way whatsoever. As Dan said (is this Dan Kouba?), it sounded more like the rant of a 14 year old than an experienced rider/buyer.

Today I went in there to make some changes on the bike, and they said another shop had called them to tell them about the post. I apologized and explained it was wrong to post that and that I was not thinking.

We've worked it out and I'll watch my mouth (and keyboard) from now on for sure
Engage brain first...

So, I did not end up selling the bike and am going to dial it in and work with it. If I liked a Kikapu with the similar suspension design I can ride this one, with more travel and more aggressive geometry, effectively.

Also, I will support this shop, as they are showing they're a good shop and good people, and I hope I end up liking this bike, I did get a good deal on it from them.

Also, I apologize if I offended anyone with my other posts on here.
I'm pretty stoked this board is starting to take as, since it was kinda slow going when Smilycook first said we had an Idaho site, but not it's moving.

I probably am guilty of the same sort of thinking with my post about "wanting out of here".
This is stuff that has nothing to do with Idaho, a bike brand, or a shop.

There are so many awesome and unique qualities about this state.
All I have to do is ride up hwy 21 up and over Hilltop and down on my road bike and bam, am in awesome green, rivers
Just tend to forget all that is there when you're in the valley and there's an inversion!
Idaho is alright!

Well, hope to ride with yaz and see you on the trails


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good stuff,

very good retraction/apology/whatever. I have a good friend who's pretty tight with the owner, and he's told me the owner is a super guy, so I was surprised by your first post, but gratified with this one. Hope the Slayer works out

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It is difficult to admit when you have made a mistake, much less to do so in public (sort of). I think it's great that you were able to step up and make this post, to me that shows some real character. I hope you end up liking the Slayer. I was in Bob's yesterday and there was one in front of the counter, it looks like a sweet ride.

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I'm an LBS ****

I think I use every bike shop in town - trying to use the good things about the shop depending on the need. For example Pete at IMT has helped with my SS buildup, I'm still on my year's free service at Bob's for my NRS, I shop at George's downtown for my daughter's bike stuff, my wife takes her Racer-X to George's on State Street because they've always worked on that bike - even before she owned it. And I've bought bits just about every place else at some time or another.

I think they're all good at some things (with certain exceptions) and they all have something they suck about.

As for Bob's - I spent 2 days in there last year driving them nuts buying a bike that had to be just exactly perfect. When I finally decided on the frame we spent another day deciding on the bits - always swapping parts based on the retail value. The year's service has so far has included a SID Race rebuild in addition to the usual tightening. So, Bob's has been OK for me.

As for the Bob rants posts - you're passionate about your bikes and when you spend a bunch of dollars on something you're passionate about, you expect it to be just exactly perfect and when it's not it's easy to get torqued. Use Bob's and other local expertise to dial your Slayer in and if you can't get it right use the experience to buy and dial in the next bike.

My pappy always used to tell me that mistakes are lessons in disguise. I almost believed him.
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