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Saturday was my annual pilgrimage to watch the Tour de France. Despite big plans to make an event out of this and ride in a big group, only Mrs SwissBuster and I actually biked. We chose to watch at the Cote de Cruseilles, a Cat 3 climb which was within riding range of home. I forgot my map which meant it turned out to be a slightly more ambitious than planned ride: 100km in total with about 1000m of vertical. Still it was a gorgeous day.

OldManBuster took my nephews along by car and provided a 5-star full picnic experience, complete with paté, french bread, cheese and the obligatory bottle of rouge, all enjoyed on deck-chairs under a parasol waiting for the riders to come by. I passed on the wine and drank about 3 litres of eau minerale instead.

Anyway, enough waffling; here are my shots of the 2007 Tour.

The Tour is coming!

Lead group comes through with a 5 minute advantage:

The main peleton:

The back of the main pack.

The main bunch rides over the Cote de Cruseilles.

I have a pretty scary shot clearly demonstrating that Leipheimer has not been keeping his chest cleanly shaved whilst in France, but I'll spare you that horror!

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Its fun to watch, I got to see stage 16 / 17 last year. I like the little carnival that comes through ahead of the riders. I was to go and ride the Col du Columbiere with a group this year but just could not get out of work...thanks for sharing a couple pics.

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rkj__ said:
...watching the tour must be a pretty cool experience.
it's on tv, you know? :D :D

i watch the race every morning (west coast usa), but imagine that being there must be electrifying and exciting.

great pics!

ms k
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