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I've always wondered why no state has a "mountain biking" themed vehicle license plate. Out of the hundreds (thousands?) of license plate designs in the 50 states (and PR and DC), not ONE state has a mountain bike license plate.

Well, in January 2011, that's going to change!

What you see below is the final design of Idaho's new "mountain biking" license plate. This thing has been a labor of love for me since last year when I started the process to get this through our state Legislature. Hours and hours of time have been spent getting to this point - providing our design to the Idaho Transportation Department - and the vast majority of volunteer work has been done by mountain bikers, from the lobbying/legislative work to the design of the plate. It will cost extra to buy and then renew the plate (like any other specialty plate), but the extra funds will, by law, go back into mountain biking trails and projects statewide.

Read all about it here:

If you didn't know, Idaho is the "secret gem state" for mountain biking. Some of the most epic trails in the nation are found here! Why not find a way to put some money back into the trails AND advertise the state as a mountain bike vacation destination?

For you non-Idahoans, you can get one next year too! Sample plates will be available for purchase online in 2011 from the Idaho Transportation Department's website.

So, we're first. Who's next? :thumbsup:


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Nice job!!! We have a roadie plate here in CO, but no MTB plate. I think this post is a call to action! (although I hear it's going to be more difficult to get new plate designs here in CO--there are already so many of them that it's causing problems for the DMV...)

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Congratulations! I can only imagine how much bureaucratic red tape you had to get through, not to mention the oodles of hoops that had to be jumped.

And thank you. Even though I don't live in Idaho, your impact to all mountainbikers should be noted! I and many others will benefit from you hard work when we visit your trails.
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