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Here’s some blue collar retro I thought I’d share with you. May not be worthy of posting here but I am proud to say it’s my current ride.
The bike is not very original, however the upgrades and mods are all from the ‘period’ (except the tyres/tubes). I bought this bike new when I was a young apprentice.

Original bike 92 (?) Diamond Back Apex, small, running Deore DX grouppo (21spd).
Fitted with XT rapidfire shifter/brake pods and Velo Ti rail seat at purchase time.
Mods in chronological order up to early 94:
One piece Brahma Bar + barends replaced, shortly after purchase, with my Sakae Ti flatbar.
Replaced short Tioga stem and cable perch with silver Girvin Flexistem.
Splashed out on some Tomac ODI grips.
Fitted SPD 737 pedals.
Updated alloy post with Synchros (rotated post clamp, removed QR and fitted bolt).
Replaced wheels with Campagnolo Atec 32h rims, Nukeproof hubs, alloy QRs.
Various Shimano LX cassettes and Sedis chains etc.

In late 97(?) I picked up some cheapo 2nd hand Rockshock Indy C forks, (+ Aheadset and 150mm alloy stem). Forks were never very good, not much of an improvement over the Flexistem really.

This bike has done everything from XC to trailrides to urban hucking (on slick tyres) to multiday backcountry tours.

Yesterday I fitted Michelin Comp S Kevlar tyres and Continental, Supersonic tubes.

Bike is still doing all-round duty but now has to keep up with mega $$$, 4” F/S bikes.
The frame is now quite whippy but over-all the bike is in great condition due to being ridden with love, well maintained and having a couple of short sabbaticals along the way.

It’s short and light so it climbs well but the whippy frame, XC riding posi and stuffed fork don’t like big downhills.
I’m currently trying to work out a cheap fork solution to get some function without spending too much, may even go back to the Flexistem/rigid fork.

I still have all the original parts except possibly the Tioga stem which may have been pinched by a ‘friend’. I even have the original Panaracer Smoke tyres.

I know it’s not an exotic but I hope it brings back some memories for some. It carries many memories for me.


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Coming from a former Flexstem user, I highly suggest not going back to the Flexstem. Maybe its just me, but I'd rather ride full ridgid than use a Flexstem. I think your best bet would be to pick up a used early model Marzocchi Bomber. They are available in one inch and one and an eight steerer tubes. You can find them for less than $100 all the time.
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