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Here is a picture and a quick review of my new Niner A9C.

Bicycle frame Bicycle tire Tire Bicycle fork Bicycle wheel

  • Frame Niner Air Carbon Large
  • Fork Niner Carbon Fork
  • Rim Crest
  • Hubs Hope 2 Trial/SS
  • DT Revolution Spokes
  • Tires Schwalbe Racing Ralf 2.4 (Front - 19psi) & 2.25 (Rear- 24psi)
  • Handlebar Ritchey SuperLogic Rizer Carbon
  • Stem Ritchey WCS
  • Grip Ergon GP1 Leichtbau
  • Saddle Selle Italia SLR
  • Seat Post Ritchey WCS Carbon One-Bolt Zero Offset
Drive Train
  • Crank X0
  • HBC 28t Ti Chainring
  • HBC 16t Ti Cog
  • Pedals CB Egg Beater 3
  • Brakes Formula R1
Weight: ~18lbs.

Although it sounds like a full WW build, I did not want to sacrifice comfort (RR2.4, Crest instead of Race rims, Ergon Grips)
I am 5'11", 150lbs. I ride a lot, and race a little. I have about 200 miles on it so far, riding North Texas trails. I also have a Niner Jet. I also owned in the past a Stumpjumper FSR, an Ibis Mojo and a Fisher Rig.

The good:
  • Amazing acceleration
  • Incredible climbing
  • Great cornering
  • Effortless spinning
  • Silent (except when coasting...)
The bad:
I am still not sure on the rigid fork. It is really, really great 98% of the time, but the remaining 2% is painful and I have to slow down (rocks, logs, roots). I will continue to ride another 200 miles before making the final call. If I wouldn't race, I would definitely keep it rigid. I am worried about losing the "magic" feel with going with a suspension fork.

I still need to cut the fork steerer, and add a red spacer if any needed. The brake hoses look a little long.

Other comments
  • The R1 brakes are the best brakes I have ever had. Great feel and look. And it finally converted me to use a single finger (better lever ergonomic for my fingers).
  • I really like the Crest rims so far. The added width compared to my 355s appears noticeable (or placebo effect).
  • The Hope SS hubs are loud (as expected), and they sound quite different than the regular ones. I like it so far, except when I need to talk to someone while costing ;)
  • This SLR saddle is quite comfortable (I have had many SLRs in the past, first time with the Flow version)
  • The Racing Ralph are excellent as usual for me. The large 2.4 up front does a great job taking care of the chatter. Rolls fast and corners well
  • The HBC cog and chainring are very nicely machined. I wanted to keep the chainring as small as possible for clearance (we have many logs around here).
  • The EBB has been completely silent so far :thumbsup:

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I have an SIR9 SS with the same fork and it does take some getting used to, now I barely notice it except on the rockiest downhills an some really rocky uphills where I could use the cush to keep my line. I definitely noticed my upper body strength improve with it and as time goes on it does get easier.

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The bike has been great. I love it. Made a few changes along the way.

I put a Reba XX fork. I loved the feeling of the rigid, but for some racing, it was slowing me down on the roots.

I also put a new RDO seatpost. I needed to buy a new one for my road bike, so I moved the Richey over.

The bike puts such a smile on my face when I ride it.

It still looks like new, despite lots of riding and some endurance racing.

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A few responses:
- I wanted to wait before cutting the steerer to see if I liked the rigid front (was my first try). It is cut flush on my Reba XX
- The weight is now a hair under 20lbs with the Reba and RDO seatpost. Weight was not the priority for this build. If you want to see a light A9C SS, see Mattkock's bike (5-6 lbs lighter?)
- The front brake hose is routed more traditionally on my new setup with the Reba

BTW, for those of you interested in running a small chainring up front, if I were to do it again, I would go slightly larger. If the chain becomes loose a little, it will slap on the chainstay, ruining the blissful experience of riding a totally silent bike.

Did I tell you I love this bike?
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