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Hey all, been looking on here for awhile and have picked up some good WW tips that I have applied to my latest ww road bike.

It is my 2003 Caad7. Final total weight was confirmed on a hanging digital scale at 6600 grams for size 58c -----so i think thats really good.

I know that I could lose some more weight with going to a lighter cassette than Chorus or an Extralite Seat collar and some other small upgrades, but i want to ride. Those small tweaks can come later.

Heres the spec list and pics to follow:

Part Type Model Weight (confirmed by myself on digital scale)

Bar tape Deda Yellow Tape 37
bottle cage none 0
bottle cage bolts 4 al bolts 3.8
bottom bracket AM classic ISIS w/ Al bolts 160.8
brake levers Campy 2003 ERGO 326
rear brakes Cane Creek brs200sl tuned 116.3
front brake Cane Creek brs200sl tuned 112.1
cables housing Nokon 80
cassette Chorus 10spd 12-25 230.2
chain wipperman Connex hollow pin 278
computer none currently 0
crankset FSA Team issue 583
front der 2003 Campy Record 85.3
rear der 2004 Campy Record 185.8
fork Cannondale slice carbon w/ 235mm 359.4
frame 2003 Caad7 Cannondale 1300
handlebar TTT prima 199 (tuned) 191.6
headset FSA Carbon integrated 57.3
headset cap/bolt Cannondale standard included w/ fork
headset spacers 15 mm Performance bike Carbon 6.1
pedals Speedplay x1-tuned w/ AL inserts 134.6
quick releases Control Tech ti non QR 48.6
seat SLR tuned 111.8
seat binder Standard OEM clamp 23.3
seatpost Ultimate 94
shifters included in Campy Ergo weight 0
stem 105mm Syntace f99 w/ ti bolts 96
front tire Michelin Pro Race average of 2 tires 208.5
rear tire Michelin Pro Race 208.5
tubes Generic from REI 169
wheels AC 350 w/ Velox cotton rimstrip 1353

Total: 6560

Confirmed total weight on digital fish scale is 6600 grams or 14.551 lbs

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