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nothing too modern for me
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This Is My New Ride Too

HEY, NICE RIDE norcalchico !

I thought you might be interested, here is my latest addition to my stable.
I got a call from my bike shop this morning to say they had finished the build.
I bought the new old stock GT LTS 1000 frame a few months ago and have been buying components for it over the end of last year.
I collected it today.

The component spec is as follows :-

* Frame Size & Color - GT LTS 1000 1998 polished silver 18 inch
* Shock - Rockshox super deluxe
* Fork - Rockshox Pike 454 UTurn coil
* Brakes - Shimano LX levers + Saint calipers + Goodridge carbon hoses + 160 rotors
* Cranks - Shimano saint 175mm
* Shifters - XT
* Front Derailleur - XT top swing dual pull
* Rear Derailleur - XT
* Pedals - Shimano 520 SPD
* Stem - Race Face Diabolous 50mm 10deg rise
* Handlebar - Truvativ Team Carbon riser
* Seatpost - Kore Lite
* Saddle - GT Titanium Flite copy
* Bottom Bracket - Shimano Saint
* Cassette - XT 11-32
* Chain - XTR
* Headset - Race Face Diabolous
* Grips - Schwinn silver glitter
* Front Tire - Panaracer Fire XC 2.1
* Front Rim - Mavic XM321
* Front Hub/Skewer - White Industries Venti 20mm + Rockshox Maxel
* Rear Tire - Panaracer Fire XC 2.1
* Rear Rim - Mavic EX325
* Rear Hub/Skewer - White Industries DJ + red hope
* Weight - 32lbs

Time to get it dirty !:thumbsup:


May the Force be with you
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Thanks Guys! Spline72, It's sooo clean you almost don't want to muck it up,but thats what there for.
Nice bike also!! I got Lucky I found this bike on Ebay and picked it up for$800.00 with a cateye computer, and a nice indoor trainer. The guy who had it just didn't have the time to ride. The bike only had 74 mikes on it and they were road miles at that.

The Bike is a IDXC 2.0 2005


nothing too modern for me
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Yeah EBAY is the best, i got the NEW OLD STOCK frame from some guy in San Francisco and got it imported to the UK , i paid it for $500 dollars with the saddle and seat post,I got most of the components form EBAY too.

The only bits i paid full price for was the 2007 Rockshox Pike 454's , rear rim and spokes for the wheels ,Goodridge brake lines brake, Tires and a few other small bits like cables etc.

In total i think the whole bike cost me about £1300 INCLUDING LABOUR which i think is a real good price.

I was so gutted when i went to the shop to pick it up and went to leave and it was lashing it down with rain, i got it home and the spent several hour polishing it up the damage the rain had done and removing grease monkey fingerprints from it.

every time i walk past it in my hallway i give it a little stroke and a smile comes to my face!

Oh the joys of getting a new toy!


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Nice rides guys.

Spline72 - not often I see LTS bikes around now - but the other day I saw a guy commuting on an STS. They must be pretty rare now.

nothing too modern for me
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donny_ptrsn said:
yeah nice i am a big fan of the chrome
Its not chrome, its polished aluminium, i spent hours polishing to a mirror finish. i was going to get it annodised a light blue/ terquoise but the company who was going to do it were not 100% posotive they could maych it to the ringle blue i wanted.

i am still in 2 minds as to weather i should still get it done, i have found a company that said they could also add graphics during the annodising process and was thinking of getting white flames running down the top and downtube.

not sure wether i will do it but i keep wishing i had gone with it rather than bottleing out!
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