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My new Remedy 8

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The is my new Remedy 8 with upgraded wheels and seat post


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donno if those wheels are an upgrade per se. not that the stock ones are particularly amazing, but those rims are made of spaghetti and hopes and dreams.

You will crush and destroy them, unless riding road. Even then, its iffy.

Erup! didn't mean to harsh on your bike, overall it looks absolutely *****ing, very sick, enjoy it!
This is a personal opinion, not pissing on your parade.

But I'm so glad I bought my Remedy before this white craze.

I have 1000 miles on my stock Bontrager wheels, riding over roots (no rocks though) and with plenty of 3ft drops and some falls into the mix. They've been holding very fine. Broke 2 spokes because of sticks, and had true the front wheel only twice after two heavy falls.

The rear hub is pretty weak, though.

I bought mine after seeing my brother riding the same ones (different hub color) on very hard train and nothing happened
Here is a small demonstration of is riding
Sick bike...!

I've beat the crap out of my stock rims... So many flat spots, soooooooo many pinch flats it's silly. Those rims will bite right through the sidewall of the tire (2.5" Nevegal). I'm running over 40 psi and I'm not a fatty. I don't have that problem on my Mavic 321's with the same tire on the bike. This is from regular, old fashioned rocky trail riding.

After this last Whistler trip, I can't even get my rear to stay true. Granted, the bike isn't designed for that abuse but the rims are only a few months old and have been trued about 6 times.

Which Equalizers are those? How wide?
Whoa, that seat angle is nutty.........just sayin'.

I like this color scheme better than my 08 R8.

How do you like the KS seatpost?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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