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This past weekend I broke the internal rod in my 2004 Z1 FR during a crash. I called Marzocchi and they said the rod could not be sold seperately so I bought a new HSCV cart at a great price. I was told that I might be able to spot weld the old rod and reuse the entire cartridge. I was able to permanently fix the older internal rod thanks to a friends welder. I could have called back Marzocchi and cancelled my order, but I thought that HSCV dampening in my 2005 Z1FR3 with the Nemesis Project slamm kit would make the ultimate urban fork... I was right!

I now have incredibly smooth HSCV dampening in either 65,80,100, or 130mm of travel... The fork has completely transformed with the upgrade to HSCV from dual SSV. The secret is to keep one leg with SSV internals and stock 7.5 oil. Use the Nemesis Project slamm kit to drop the fork to desired travel in the SSV leg. This SSV leg with negative spring and spacers keeps the fork from extending past desired travel. The HSCV leg then extends to desired travel without any harsh top out due to induced sag from the SSV leg... The HSCV rebound is then controlled externally and overrides the SSV dampening. I guess the HSCV dampening is superior enough to cover up the inferior SSV dampening. The fork is also silent and not plagued with the few noises made by dual SSV forks... Make sense?

Might sound crazy, but it works GREAT!
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