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Hello from a long time lurker.

A while back some people posted their Hardrock SS photos and reports. I thought I'd add mine.

We're just comming into winter here, and after not owning a mountain bike for about 4 years I wanted something to ride when the weather turned crap.

Here are my reasons for one gear:

>As a bike mechanic I didn't want to spend all day fixing other peoples bikes only to fix my own after hours, so the idea of one gear seamed great.

>Maintain the leg muscle that I worked so hard on the road bike this year to get.

>Price: I wanted something reasonably cheep to buy and cheep to maintain.

So here it is! The Specialized supplier was blowing out the '04 SS bikes. I ordered a large which is a 19" in a regular Hardrock, but with the SS is a 17". I really needed a 19" so the supplier swapped frames for an '04 Hardrock Pro frame (same thing, different paint)

I sold the Hussefelt cranks and BB to a freeride kid and installed some XT Hollowtech II 180mm cranks and a Blackspire ring I had kicking around.

The stock forks were pretty average. A Pike Race fixed that problem, and I bolted them up to a King headset and a Hugi freeride / D521 front wheel.

Truvativ bits were on sale since the supplier is changing with the SRAM purchase, so I grabbed a Holzfeller riser bar with a wicked 710mm width. Maybe a bit wide, but we'll see.

With the 31.8mm bars I needed a new stem. Had to be a Thomson, and I picked up a layback seatpost while I was at it.

The stock seat got swapped for one of the Specialized roadie saddles, the stock one was just a bit wide for my skinny bum, and a pair of cheep Shimano SPDs take care of pedals

Overall the bike is pretty cool! Its my first SS but I've been riding BMX for a few years so getting used to one gear didn't take very long. With its "entry level" geometry the bike handles really well for just tooling around....the slacker headtube angle suits my not-quite-freeride-but-definatly-not-traditional-XC use, although the chainstays are a bit on the long side.

Its been great to get out on the dirt again, I had forgotten how much fun it is to play in the mud :)

Its strange how quickly upgradeitis takes over thought...I hate the stock chaintensioner thing and would love a proper frame with an EBB. Hard to find something with slackish angles though.


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