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Hey everyone!

Just finished welding my new fat tire bike, I am kinda excited so i figured i would share it with you guys. This is my second frame build, and i think it went well. I still have to weld on a few tabs and brackets, but you can get the idea. It has the 17.5mm offset in the rear. I looked into using a wider hub, but figured i would stick with the offset so i can swap parts with my other pugs (yes i have 2 of them, going for 3). I am going to use a maverick sc32 fork that i just got from ebay, but i am going to have to build a new wheel for that. For the rest of the frame i went with a chain stay length of 450, 2 inch BB drop, and threw in a little GF-G2. I raised the head-tube up for the 90mm of fork. The front triangle is 969 tube from nova cycle supply. The rear is straight .750x.035, and i made the dropouts myself from 4130 bar. I am excited to try it with a fork on it, and some G2 style geometry. I am only making these for myself and close friends, i have no desire to make a living or any money at this. i hope to use this in a 12 hour race in december. I will post more pictures as i get it built and painted. Enjoy

Viva Pugsley!


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that is really cool :thumbsup:
I always sucked at welding so much respect to you :)
I hope you enjoy the Mav fork, it does turn the Fatbike experience in to a different beast again.

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