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Got a new 20" :D

The build up

Frame: Eastern Dragon 3
Fork: Sinz Race 3/8
Bars: Fly Mike Day 8.25
Stem: eastern atom
Cranks: Primo powerbite
Pedals: Primo Tenderizer, soon to be eastern pc's
Sprocket: Medusa 25
Chain: KHE half link
Rear Wheel: eastern pro 9th 14mm
Front Wheel: Mosh Lite, Ryno lite 36 3/8
Tires F/R: Shadow conspiracy / Snafu
Seat: KHE Slim
Grips: Primo Barcode
Brakes: What brakes, its all about the flow.

Mods: Drilled and cut bars, shaved axles, cut seat post, brake tabs removal.

24.6 lbs on the scale, hope to see 23lbs with new pedals, stem, cutting brake mounts and dropouts.


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Sudden_Judgement said:
damn...and I was wondering why it felt so small...good call..I almost missed that... :rolleyes:
simple mistake to make. so many people fall into this trap. trouble is its so hard to tell the diference between an mtb and a BMX. never mind bro. the BMX doesnt look to bad. some nice parts. a bit heavy....joke

sweet build. nice and light to. who needs brakes. they just add weight
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