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This is the frame I won in the comment contest on for the Nike 6.0 Writing on the Wall video...Forum Pro frame...21" toptube...the wheel behind is a 24" for my seemed to need a background object.

It's basically a stronger and heavier version of the Forum Pro Lite...which I have and I love...

You want a spec list, just ask..I'm not going to do it unless someone wants it.

The plans for the new frame least 2 pegs, a rear brake with a gyro (POSSIBLY a front), 48 hole rims (hey, they were a good deal) laced to a Gsport Homer hub with a 14mil axle up front, and the rear hub is still needs to be 48 hole. Medium size bars...maybe 8 inch rise and 26" wide or so?

Tell me what you think...even if it doesn't have anything to do with this thread...or bikes at all...
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