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My New 18lb 1oz (8.19kg) Flash 29er!..

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Keeping in mind I still have weight to drop when I lose the Front Der in favor of a carbon chain keeper.
Here's my new baby-
Frame- Cannondale Flash Carbon 29er 1 (Large)
Fork- Lefty DLR SL 80mm
Wheels- Crest rims, Tune Hubs (Kong & Cannonball), Revolution Spokes
Tires- Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evo 2.25 mounted tubeless.
Brakes- Formula R1 w/ 160mm Formula Rotors
Crankset- Cannondale Hollowgram SL
Pedals- Egg Beaters SL w/ Custom Ti Spindles
Shifter- BCB 10 Speed Gripshift (Based on Sram X.0)
Rear Derailleur- Sram X.0 (KCNC Jockey wheels fitted)
Cassette- Sram XX
Chainring- Spiderless 32 tooth Alloy (will change to Mattias Hellore Ti once I have gearing right)
Front Derailleur- Shimano XT (soon to be replaced with Mattias Hellore Carbon chainguide)
Bar- Bontrager XXX Lite 600mm
Grips- Sette foam
Post- Mattias Hellore Custom Carbon with Carbon/Ti fittings
Saddle- Tune SpeedNeedle

Weight- 18lb 1oz (8.19kg) (will drop another 70 grams or so when chain keeper arrives)
I only have a scale pic on my phone at the moment!


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Schmucker said:
Your brake levers are on the wrong sides!
Its Moto, like a motorcycle. A lot of guys that learned to ride motorcycles and have been riding them for a long time use moto because they are used to the front brake on the right.
I'm an Australian living in New York.
In Australia we run our brakes Moto X style.

My bike shop buddies contantly give me grief about it, but I've just stuck to what I know;)
JuniorPRO said:
your saddle looks painful.
Most comfortable saddle I've ever used actually.

It's never about the padding. It's the shape!
Great looking bike, the new flash definitely looks the biz. Did you consider running it as a 2x10? At 18lbs, I think you would gain more performance by having a double ring setup ie 36/22 or taller than dropping a .25lb in weight and running it as a 1x10.
I ran a 1x9 for a couple of years with my 26 and raced it with no issues.
Racing rarely calls for a "big ring".
I'd really only gain a couple of noticeably different ratios that I'd use.
I've got a 2x10 set up I could put on in minutes if I had to.

I'm going to try to race the US Nationals as a 1x10 and see how it goes!
Do you run the gripshift to save weight? I have never been a huge fan of them.
scrubbingbubbles said:
Do you run the gripshift to save weight? I have never been a huge fan of them.
Have you ever tried Sram X0 Gripshifts? I tried them a couple of years ago and never care to use triggers again.

To the OP, sweet bike! Cannondale should make a SS specific carbon Flash!
I'd bought a Sram XX shift set up, but had the opportunity to buy the 10 speed Grip shifters.
I used to race with Grip shifters and find them nice to race with.

This is what Sram should have done!!
Flat Ark said:
Cannondale should make a SS specific carbon Flash!
I've already asked, answer "No immediate plans but thank you for the suggestion"
Yes grip shifters are awesome, cool that it works with the 10 speed havent seen that before. Only bad thing about them is getting stuck in a long distance race in the rain and lose all ability to shift!

Sweet bike good luck with it

How is the xo derailleur working with the xx cassette ? Any skipping ?

I've been on two threads recently where people are swearing that the sram 9 speed derailleur will not work with a 10 speed cassette because of the geometry of the derailleur.
It works fine.
I think the company sold a few of these converted 10sp grip shifters designed to be used with X0 derailleur.
I know at least one other guy racing with it with no problems.
I rode my bike for the first time today. It feels fast and has loads of grip and "feel" on the trail.
Just some minor adjustments like brake levers are a little far out and the der cable needs a slight adjustment (new cable stretch).
Very nice!

and the right way to run the brakes is moto style.
what chain keeper are you going to use?
I think 1x9 is all you need for racing, not entirely convinced on the benefits of 10sp
The chain keeper will be a custom carbon one from Mattias Hellore. There are no production direct mount chain keepers yet. The ones that fit to the BB dont work on BB30.
Where'd you find the shifter?
its made by blackcatbikes (mtbr username: tubeglower) but they do not make them anymore
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