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I've been saving links to posts for the five best years of my life, since I discovered the best source of riding buddies and good times:

Here's what I've got (had):

I've thanked Francis a million times over, and I appreciate the free service that is offered here. On the other hand, I and my friends have generated a ton of free content that generates hits, that generate ad revenue, so there is some give and take.

When the latest new passion came along I thought maybe I should make a copy of all the posts in case they disappeared like passion 1.0 did.

There's an "archive". Even some pictures. But most of the posts I could dig up looked like this one:

Want pics from Downieville '03? Tough!

It would have been trivial to wget the whole page overnight with just one days notice...

I've got the first $100 toward whatever it will take to put them back long enough to make a copy.

[edit: I was a little rude to a guy who doesn't deserve it. Sorry buddy. I was also too whiny.]

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Well sh!t!!!. I used your site as a lazy "favorites" to get to some other wonderful posts. Now I check my saved posts and they're all gone too.
Damn it all, how about bring back those links long enough to pull the pics out? If they are still there and just the URLs have changed due to the archiving scheme change, is there a simple way of modifying our saved favorites' URLs to point to the new location?

(Would a bribe of fermented barley/malt adult beverage work?)

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That reminds me of when Photopoint closed its door with no notification. Thousands of people had pics stored and couldn't retrieve them. Lost. Years later, there was a link from the PP site saying you might be able to get the pics on a disc from the site, for a hefty fee.

Man. This sucks. I hope it's just an oversight. On the other hand, I got a big box of swag from Greggg today, maybe they're closing up, too. They want to have cool jobs like the rest of us. :rolleyes:


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Should be fixable

I've been worried about this. But it should be fixable. If it's just photos that are missing, there should be a way to restore them. I've been telling the engineers that there are lots of very important historical posts. Hopefully everyone will understand ad we'll be able to make the archive work right.

Thanks for pointing out the problem.

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Uh, no offense but...

just saving links is pretty lazy...archive 'em yourself; don't expect websites to keep stuff up forever (cuz it just won't happen). I do hope PhotoJohn has some influence with those evil ol' engineers/administrators on the other hand...

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I guess I feel better.

I checked, and If the the image was embedded in "img" tags in a post, it was spared:

And all the pictures seem to exist. This one was described in the previous thread:

Unfortunately most posts weren't done this way. Basically if it had that little camera icon on it, a picture is now missing. As long as the original image URL data still exists somewhere...

Also, I see that there is a direct relationship between the old URL and the new URL. Someone was thinking when they converted the database. Nice job. The conversion of the embedded URLs wasn't perfectly successful either though. Check out the links in the above thread.

This will make it exceedingly easy to convert threads like the Downieville Post I used as an example above and my own archive. Here are the links to the archived posts that are referenced there:

"Left the husband, ditched Tucson, went to Downieville" by PirateGirl

"Downieville...better late than never [o] (long and colorful)" by bones

"DOWNIEVILLE GATHERING (sweat, swag and frolicking)" by spiff

"downieville:friday_the adventures of Mr. 3rd divide" by pfunk

"D-ville gathering teaser..." by bones

"Big time THANKS to Jed & Suzie for Downieville Gathering...." by Ebo

"More Downieville Hooliganism" by Photo-John

"I would like to lodge a complaint... D'ville content:" by UncleMTB

"What, no Downieville Gathering pics yet?" by Finch Platte

"Non-riding Downieville Pictures." by Pete.

"But Wait! There's More! (Dville pics)" by gregg

"A few more Downieville pics" by radair

"It was all about the schwag." by Pete.

"more dville pics : smiles, scowls and patrick swayze?" by pfunk

"Downieville from the back of the pack" by pffft

"Original Planning Thread" by Zonic Man

"Mt. Elwell - Video" by Pete.

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Thats a right shame. I actually had your page bookmarked fast Eddy along with a ton of bookmarks saved on my computer.

I hope that the archives can be restored???

I wonder if MTBR could allow people to copy the posts over and dump them on the current Passion for those that are interested. I still enjoy going through old threads with pics, happy faces and great stories.
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