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My latest experience ...

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I bought a used 07 stumpjumper comp in August of 2008 from an older fella that bought a little too much bike for himself. I bought the bike for $1000. I knew it was a good deal but I had no idea.

I sold the bike on ebay last week for $1076 + $131 dollars for shipping.

So for 3 years of riding I made 76$.

I guess that was kind of my first experience as a "paid" rider :thumbsup:
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But then again, it's eBay.... Full of fools and geniuses alike. :thumbsup:

My one purchase on eBay, nobody was bidding on the bike that I wanted, and there was a hidden reserve. So I emailed the selller asking for the reserve, bid exactly that amount, and got the bike. Sorry bike shop up in Oregon, but I was looking for a cheap road bike to supplement the mtb; if I wanted a good bike I would've gone to an LBS in the city.
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