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Had this bike in the garage for the last year or so taking space. Iwondered on what to do with it and decided to go the SS way, what a surprise!

After spending most of the day painting the kitchen, a short trip to the LBS to pickup a pair of used brake levers ($2.50) and an used seat post ($2.50) was in order and finally I was able to complete the project.

Here's how the kitchen turned out (for those interested)

Back to the bike,

Frame: Cannondale M700 (don't know the born date)
Fork: SR Suntour (POS)
Wheels: RhinoLites laced to SRAM hubs
Cranks: RaceFace Prodigy
Ratio: 32:16 with Singulator
Brakes: Avid Archrivals w Promax levers
Tires: Maxxis Wormdrive
Bar: Coda
Stem: Kaloy
Seatpost: Coda Competition
Seat: Veta

This will prolly be my ride around the neighborhood bike or if my dad wants it, he'll get it :)
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