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My Large Marge's need a diet

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Help! My Pugs has large marge dh rims, and it feels like I'm pulling a barge. Has anyone drilled them? Does the 2nd wall get in the way?
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I know Jay Petervary drilled his from a couple of years ago. I don't recall if they were the dh or xc version.

I say you go for!
have been thinking about the same.... post some pictures when done!
constantijn13 said:
have been thinking about the same.... post some pictures when done!
me too
I think the xc version has cut-outs in the 2nd inner wall (already). Maybe just drilling the inner wall would at least make my DH into an XC. If I drill both walls, I'm worried that I won't be able to tape it keep stuff out of the rim.
All types of LM rims can be drilled. I ended up doing both types, xc and dh, off-set and center drilled.

The dh's are actually easier due to solid material on both walls, drill through both walls. The cut outs on the inner wall of the xc's sort of adds an extra step and gets a little funky when drilling but you basically join two of the inside holes and turn it into one using a dremel and then drill your face hole.

1) mark each individual hole with a pair of scribes, center between each spoke. Then depending if it is center or off-set, the center drill gives you room to do a hole on each side if you'd like, which I did, and off-set will have you cheating to one side, which I also did.

2) pre-drill with small bit, pilot hole.

3) use a hole saw to drill the choosen size hole, it will change depending on your scenerio. on a pre-built wheel you need to drill from the tape side. i have used 11/4",1", and 7/8" holes in the different situations.

4) clean up your rough edges, burr's with a dremel and sand paper.

5) wrap with your choice rim tape, packing tape, and decorate if you wish with colored tape first. Also, with double wall rims you should put a piece of tape on the outside, cause there will be space for snow and debris to get into.

Go for it!
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Thanks for the info! A little worried about the tape on the outside though...seems it would not last.
cytoe said:
Thanks for the info! A little worried about the tape on the outside though...seems it would not last.
no worries. the clear duct tape as it claims is stronger, more weather and water resistant then regular duct tape and it looks cool too. it's been through 3 winters without a single one peeling.

i actually took a partially used roll and cut a chunk of it larger then the hole diameters and then peeled each one off like a series of round stickers and covered the exterior holes that way. i did this in my motel room at like midnight my first year in AK and continued to do so with my other drillings.
sweet! For offset drilled, looks like I'd have to do 7/8" to get the hole on the flat part of the rim and avoid the center ridge. Avoiding the ridge seems like it would make it easier, right?
cut out the inner wall w/a table saw. be sure to leave enough so you can still seat the bead. i had chain reaction cut the sidewalls out and i drilled holes myself. shaved 1.5lbs per wheel including switching to 2.75 tubes. it's easyu enough to cut the walls out yourself, i was just being lazy.

i'll post pics this weekend. table saw:(. I wonder how much strength the rim still has w/o the inner wall. Looking forward to your pictures.
After much staring, I think I'm going to do a hole on each side. When you did your wheel like this, was it already built? I'm going to have to drill from the tape you drill straight or at an angle (so perpendicular w/ the outside rim face)?
wow, sounds like an extreme mod. I would love too see some pics.
Decided get a Fatback, so I just sold the Pugs (w/ the Marges). The Fatback will be running Speedway rims...already drilled:).
rim drilling photos

constantijn13 said:
any pictures yet?
gotten a little lazy, been doing less working and more riding. i need to drill out another rim...possibly tonight and i'll post some pice for you.
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