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My kingdom for a ride!!!

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No explanation needed...
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Warp said:

No explanation needed...
You need to trim your brake cables.
pinkrobe said:
Seat's too low...
...and where is your helmet?! What are you, some kind of degenerate BMX'er?
Warp said:
No explanation needed...
What? Warp on a singlespeed? and a rigid, none the less?
Well, looking at it on the bright side, you have enough cargo space to carry a beer keg to cool you down.
Cables... new bike, freaking manufacturer is too cheap to ship brakes with fitting to shorten lines. You should be grateful it doesn't have 2" worth of stem spacers a la Bikerbob.

Helmet... I was just going to get the tortillas... uh, I mean bread.

You guys laugh, but this is just a prototype. No more fed up than Banshee's 29'er proto if you ask my honest opinion. It will revolutionarize the industry. Forget about 9'ers, 69'ers, 650B, gearboxes and the Hammershait. THIS IS THE FUTURE! Just wait till I slap a DW link and a carbon rear end!!

Next version will be full carbon with microdamping a la Ibis to make the WW/XC/Lycra fans happy.

As for cooling down here... the only chance is to get yourself into a fridge. 30 min under the sun here and you'll be medium-rare cooked.
kovi said:
Nice, but where's your lycra? :)
I'll make sure to get some if I get a FTM... :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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