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I am really excited about this bike.

I picked up my Niner Jet9 this weekend and am getting itchy to ride bad we just got dumped on with about 18" more snow. This is my first 29er, actually first new mtn bike in 6 years. I am coming from a Santa Cruz Superlight which I loved and have a lot of expectations for this new bike. I will have to mess with stems more than likely to get the fit just right as I like drop from the saddle to bars and right now they are almost even.

Specs are:
Niner Jet9 - size small in kermit green
Full X.9 2x10
Avid Elixer CR brakes
Stans Crest with ZTR hubs
Kenda Slant Six tires (these looking very promising)
Niner aluminum bars, cut to 670mm (710 was just huge)
Reba RLT Ti 9mm
Thomson post and stem (90mm length)
Current saddle is my San Marco ERA, but I have a white and black San Marco Ponza on the way.
Pedals are my old, but heavy, Time ATAC aluminum.
WTB trail gips, may go back to wrapping with road tape as that is what I have done for the past 5+ years.

Sorry about the poor cell phone photo.


Carbon & Ti rule
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david8613 said:
nice jet! they say green is the fastest of the jets idk!!!!
Yes you are right for day riding the green is faster:thumbsup:

However for night riding the Raw glow in the dark Jets are faster,But I guess that is still because they glow Green
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