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Posted this on Retrobike and thought it might be fun for VRC.
So I thought I would start a thread with the topic of "my friends bike".
What I mean is this, I am sure that most of us have friends that might not be into the "retro" thing as we are but they still have a pretty cool retro bike or bikes. This is a way to show them off. It could even be a BOTM theme someday.
Anyhow, here is the first.
I have a friend that I race MTB and Cyclocross with that has this Salsa as his around town bike. He is not sure of the year, I say 90-91, but it is pretty cool. He does have the original Salsa stem that came with it but it's a 150 and it is just to long (insert joke hear) for his taste.
He also has a Yo Eddy Team in his basement with original fork that has the stamped top fork plate not the sticker. That bike is for next week.
So, let's see your friends bikes.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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