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my friend is very annoying

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content deleted as it could possibly offend someone some where some how some time
like OMG!!!! is this similar to the "my dad can beat up your dad" argument? :p

how are you going to deal with this at school? study, read, play "pull my finger", and make little flipbook animations with the page corners of your social studies text book.
Scarf Face said:
We're not all like that, really.
I REALLY want to second this..... One bad apple spoils the whole *&#% bunch???:madman: :madman: :madman:
alex923 said:
He keeps saying his bike is 18lbs. (Trek 4100) :madman: He knows nothing. Any advice on how to deal with this tomorrow at school???

Pretty simple. :aureola: Just say something like:

"Whatever. You like your bike, I like mine. Please leave me alone right now. I want to finish my school work so I can go riding after school."

PS. His 4100 is not 18lbs.
Ah, to be in high school again - without a care in the world... ;)
alex923 said:
Any advice on how to deal with this tomorrow at school???

Kick his ass.
But my dad can beat up your dad! :p

Have a race, winner wins the argument hows that?

Do it in busy traffic for more fun.
i mean i was all like "uhh like right" and he was all "omigod" and she was like "duhh" and i went "pfft" and he went "tchh" so then i go "whatevs"
Mind...going numb...can't keep...conscious...thoughts!

That was the sound of half my brain cells dying (all 3 of em).

If you feel slighted enough to drop him with an elbow to the thorax, by all means, have at it. Otherwise, tell him his breath smells funny and take whatever his comeback is in stride.

P.S. Heck, I can beat up all your dads. I mean, not right now, but if my leg wasn't broken. I broke it in a gang fight. There's a butt load of gangs at my school. This one gang keeps wanting me to join cuz I'm pretty sweet with a Bo staff...
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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