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After rebuilding my old wheels a few times. Reading a lot and getting confused by multiple philosophies and voodoo like mysteriousness... I finally built my wheels.

Chris Kings laced to ZTR Flows. Tensioning, truing and dishing was super fun. Funny how it becomes more feeling the wheel out than just being technical. 4 HARD rides on rocky trails, light DH small jumps and they are spot on.

Im sure I am not a pro by any means but if anyone is scared to try, just take your time. Super rewarding and fun.

1) Start with an old wheelset. You learn fast and won't waste money.
2) Stick with 1 philosophy of building.
3) Get your spoke lengths right!


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Can you share this time-proven method, man?!
It's no top secret's just the way I was taught. I've used it since 1996 for road, mountain rim brake, and mountain disc brake wheels in 28, 32, and 36 spokes with 2x, 3x, and 4x configurations.

I recommend using the Wheelbuilding sticky in this forum...there are many different techniques and opinions out there. Find what works for you and what you're comfortable with.

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