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Place: Syncline (OR)
Bike: Old Cannondale, hardtail, rigid fork
Gear: 32 x 20
Conditions: Sunny, dry, windy

Well, if it wasn't for the wind, I wouldn't have had to get off the bike several times to clear some corners on the climb. A 21 cog probably would have been a little more fun, but 20 was ok. Have been riding a lot of fixed on the road so no stranger to doing it with 1 gear. Just like for all things mtb, as long as I kept up my momentum, I was fine. But if I got slowed down by the wind or tech. stuff I was off the bike, and had to walk it to 'easier' sections to get started again (on the climbs). I need to play around with gearing , and do a better job of keeping my chain tighter since it came off once, but I must say I'm hooked! Not going to give up my gearie, no way. There's stuff way too steep/long around here I like to ride, and in spite of the fact I'll take my fixed on the road with a 49 x 15, I'd have to gear my SS so low it might not be worth it. At least until I build up the strength!!

Suprisingly, after not having ridden the hardtail for many years, it didn't jar me as much as I thought it would, in spite of the fact that the Syncline is pretty rocky. I like the geometry of my FSR way more, might have to look for a similar one in a hardtail/ss bike. Damn money pit of a sport!!!

Was chomping at the bit to have a gearie rider by me so I could check my progress!
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