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My first snow ride

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Today I took my first snow ride.:thumbsup: As I was getting the full suspension ready for the day's trip, I the stem on the tube busted clean off while trying to fill the tire with I had to take my backup hardtail. Still a very fun time was had today. The climb was a bit impossible for me today, so I hiked up for a while then bombed down. Over the bars only once, washed out a few times; just enough to get snowy and increase my smile. :D

I can assure you one thing...this will not be the last time I ride in the snow! And yes, I realize I didn't take the lock off the bike before I went...woops.

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Looks like a lot of fun, nothing like the sound of snow scrunching under the tires. Up around evergreen?
The only thing more fun than snow riding is that first ride on dirt after the snow melts :).

Seriously though, snow riding is a hoot and this has been a great winter so far!
Nice job getting out there. I like the snow riding too but have been not so good at getting out lately. That tube the stem broke on, forte brand I'm guessing? I've had that happen on those.
no clue what the brand of tube it was...a pain for sure, but not a major deal in the end.

the trail is up North just outside of Loveland.
actually - I take that back, it was a Specialized brand Presta tube...hope it was just one bad one and not going to happen on the back.
As much as I want to make fun of you for the bike lock (I have ridden with a 'dangler' in a past life) . . .

Well done and nice pics!!! I got out Saturday for a nice snow ride but didn't snap a single pic. It was fun and now I want to go where you were. Thanks for sharing!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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