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my first real dh bike


well after a long time on the cove g-spot if figured it was time to up grade. so here is what i built.
05 kona stab supreme
dhx 5.0
hayes mag hd
arrow dhx rims
marzocchi front hub
ringle rear hub
truvativ holzfeller cranks
truvativ giga pipe dh bb
raceface diablous seatpost and bars
marzocchi direct mount stem
sram x9 shifter
sram xo derailer
shimano road cassette
shimano xt chian
kenda nevgal 2.7 front tire
sycros bht1 2.5 rear tire
blacksprial chainguide
haro dh peadles
haro seat
oury grips
my build came out to weigh in at 43 pounds. not sure if its right but that is what the bathroom scale said.



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very cool ride, I just finished my first DHer too, I have a glory frame and also a 888R. I see you've taken the red decals off the fork...I did that too, and got the chrome ones from '05. It gives the fork such a cool look.

Thats a pretty good first bike.... congrats...

and I dont really believe the 43lbs, but I may be wrong... My guess is 46...

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yeah i am not really sure about the weight either i dont think the scale is right. 46 pounds is my quess too. i will take it to a shop and have it weighed there.

as for the arrow dxh rims i havnt really got to test them out yet but hopfully will here soon. the guy that built my wheels had a hell of a time with them because of the weld that is on the rim. he said it is a pain in the ass on the turing stand becuase it always get in the way.
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