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My first Niner

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Just pick it up tonight and plan on getting about 6 hours in the saddle tomorrow. Weighs in at just a bit over 23lbs.

Pics not uploading I will try again later
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I remember my first beer too. Congrats, hope you get it dialed to your liking. AIR or SIR?
welcome to the family, enjoy that new ride...
Got it uploaded.


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Wow, that looks sick, nice bike!
Niner's ROCK !!!

Nice bike...I'm sure you're going to love it.

Here's my first and only Niner...It's the best bike I've ever ridden...:thumbsup:


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My second Niner.

My first Niner,

The RIP Frame is up for sale, Large. PM me if interested.
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Congrats on the new ride... Niners are great bikes I have had a RIP and and a ONE9 both great bikes not to mention that should anything go wrong they are a stand up company with great customer service...

enjoy the new toy
Is there supposed to be a bike in that pic?
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