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My first Full Suspension bikes will be hifi, Anthem, Trek EX 7 or ?

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Hello friends
For many years i ride Hard Tail GT av 1.0 that is well upgraded.
But Now i want to replace for a Full Suspension bike.
There are good deals for the moment and all of these bikes are around the same Price.
Mostly i ride for 2-3 hours on mountains once a week and almost everyday in city parks. my weight 68 Kg Height 173cm age 40.
The options are
1.HiFi Deluxe
2. Trek Ex 7
3. Giant Anthem X3
4. Giant Trance 3
which should be best for me? around that price 1600$?
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Test ride them all, and pick the one you like the most...?
You Right but cannot decide after 15 min of riding

Its not easy to choose after 15 min of test ride, it takes time to get used to the bike and realize which one suits to me !
That why i prefer to hear other people opinions.
Sence you want opinions I say go Mongoose; the freedrive rear suspension is great. I looked up the prices of the bikes on your list and the 2009 Teocali Super is within range. I have had one for about a month and it is the best bike I have owned. Youtube has video about how freedrive works.
Thanks ill check them out too

HiFi is one of the most fun bikes I've ridden in the past few years, I'd suggest that. But it's worthless unless it fits and feels good. So go ride them, even 15 min in the parking lot is enough to tell you you won't like something.
What is the weight of the hifi deluxe 2009 ?

I couldn't find it What is the official weight of the hifi deluxe 2009 ?
I have sold, repaired, and ridden both the HiFi Deluxe and the EX 7. The EX 7 is a superior frame in that the rear stays do not flex as much, whereas the HiFi tends to allow the rear brake calipers to rub the rotor when you put weight on the bike. The HiFi does come with a slightly nicer kit though. It's a tough choice that may come down to price or even color scheme. Take them all for a test ride.

I have no experience with the Giants.

I've ridden most of those that you mentioned. The Hi-Fi was the nicest out of what I rode. Trek EX7, Giant Trance, Jamis, Cannondale. But Something just didn't feel "right". If you get what I mean. The last bike I rode was a Kona. It was spec'd very low - Dart 2 fork, heavy wheels, etc., but for some reason the bike just felt spot on. I ended up buying a new frame and built it up to my spec.

If you have a dealer close by or that you are willing to travel to, check into a Kona. I love my Kona Kikapu Deluxe. Going on its 3rd year of service.

Now if you are able to find a LBS or one of the above companies doing a Demo day, that would be the best to help you with your selection. They are all good bikes, but you need to find the one that "feels spot on"
Specialized Stumpjumper

I have ridden all of the bikes on the list. The Trek Fuel is an excellent bike. Solid, stable feel and ride. The pre 2010 Hifi is very flexy in the rear, but handles great. The Giant is a solid ride, but I prefer the Trek ABP suspension design, especially under braking.

My personal ride is a Specialized Stumpjumper 29 FSR. I have owned several variations of the Stumpjumper, all of which have given me many hours of great riding enjoyment. I keep coming back to the Stumpjumper because the FSR suspension design is solid. I prefer the non-brain shock models. I feel the brain shocks add weight and are not much of an improvement over a shock with excellent platform damping.

I recently rode a 2010 Gary Fisher Rumblefish and Superfly 100 full suspension 29ers. The new model year Fishers have adopted the Trek ABP suspension, alleviating the flex from the earlier models, but retaining the great handling from previous years. The HiFi is the aluminum version of the Superfly 100, a bike I would highly recommend!

I agree with the above poster on the Kona products as well. I recently owned a Kona Hei Hei 2-9 and loved the ride and feel. I only sold it because I had the wrong size frame.

All of your choices are great bikes. The advice to ride them all and decide is prudent wisdom!

Ride on!:thumbsup:
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trance, not anthem

Unless you are a serious racer, the Trance is a much better choice than the Anthem.
Thanks, as look all are gr8, so Its all come down to Px and color

Thanks Folks, as it look to me all the 4 options (tranceX3, Gary HiFi Deluxe ,Trek 7 & Specialized Stumpjumper) are gr8 option, so Its all come down to Px and maybe color:D
ill start to look around during the winter so will be prepare for the summer
Thanks again :thumbsup:
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