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Someone asked me to post this when I finally got the bike together. I've been riding a '96 Trek hard tail, off & on, for the last ten years, .

This was a major budget build for me. Everything is new except for the frame w/ Pushed RL, WTB Dual Duty wheelset, X.7 rear der., brakes(rotors are new) and seatpost, and the bike cost me a total of $1,100! The bike was built over a period of about 4 months, since I couldn't afford to buy it all at once and I kept running into really good deals along the way.

I also have a Raceface Diabolus stem that came with the frame that is much shorter, 50 mm I think. Once I get it on the trail I'll decide which stem to use.

I'm so stoked!!

Getting there

Oh, yeah!!!!!!!!!

Time to hit the trails!!

Special thanks to:

Chris (Not sure of your user name on this board) for hooking me up with a killer deal on the Frame w/Pushed RL, WTB Dual Duty Wheelset, X.7 Rear Der., Raceface Diabolus Stem, Seatpost, Brakes and those huge 2.6 Red tires!!!!

Doug (DSDUKE) & Father, for helping me to get most of the bike together. And for suggesting the Enduro in the first place.

And of course my Wife.

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Good looking bike

I have an 04 Enduro that is my go-to bike. I also have a Moto-lite and an Indy fab 29er SS but if the terrain I am going to is extremely rocky and technical, I load up the Enduro because I know that it can take a licking and still keep on ticking. By the way, cool tires:thumbsup: you will absolutely love the do-everything ability of the Enduro.
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