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My first "big" bike

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Just built it up last week. Here's the (temporary) build:

-2007 Trek Session 77 (M)
-2009 Fox DHX-5
-2009 Totem Coil
-Azonic Outlaws
-XT cranks
-Azonic 420 pedals
-X-7 shifters
-X-9 derailleurs
-BB-7's with 203mm rotors f+r
-2.35 Nevegals
-Sette grips
-WTB pure race saddle
-Bonty Race seatpost
-Holzfeller stem
-Sette Duo 28" X 2.5" riser bar

Approximate weight: 38lbs

Bicycle part Bicycle Bicycle accessory Transport Bicycle frame

Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle wheel Bicycle tire

Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle part Bicycle

Bicycle tire Tire Bicycle frame Wheel Bicycle wheel rim

Tire Bicycle frame Bicycle tire Wheel Bicycle wheel rim

I'm planning on getting a chain guide and running 1X9 soon. I also have some 2.5" tires (Nevegal and two Maxxis) that I'll put on soon.

Haven't gotten to really rip it yet. Going riding at Swain this weekend; it's a tiny place in Western New York with only a few runs and under 400ft of vertical, but it will give me a feel for what I need to do to tune this beast. Then I'm racing CAT-3 DH at the World Cup Final at Windham at the end of August. WAHOO!!!
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Nice ride congrats and welcome to the DH/FR brood...

:thumbsup: Now go get it dirty.... :D

A session 77 was my first proper FR/DH bike! Should be pretty nice with the DHX5/totem!
Thanks! My ride has been a 2010 Remedy 8 with at 36 Talas up front, but I was still finding myself looking bigger and holding myself back because of "oh my poor bike." I think finally I may have a bike that can handle anything I am brave (or foolish) enough to try out. Going to do a couple short shuttle runs this weekend.
just keep an eye on the seat tube on the sleeve where the big rocker is attached, thats where mine failed after 3years of beatin! :)
Interesting...I bought a 2007 Remedy 66 used, and that failed where the seat tube diameter changes. It snapped clean at the weld.

My buddy saw the Session and said "now all you have to do is break it" since the broken 07 Remedy was quickly replaced by the 2010 Remedy frame.

Thanks for the heads up.
very nice! How much does a build like this cost if you dont mind me asking?
Build Cost:


It's hard for me to figure out, since I had most of the parts lying around already, and Trek doesn't sell frames seperately. Anyways, this frame is used, a 2007 model. to give you an idea though...

Azonic Outlaw wheelset: $250
Azonic 420 Pedals: $ 80
Rockshox Totem: $900
KENDA Nevegals (2): $ 80
X-7 drivetrain build: $240
BB-7s: $100
Speed-Dial 7 levers: $ 20
Holzfeller stem: $ 25
Sette Duo bar: $ 30
Sette grips: $ 10
Tubes: $ 10

Total: $1740

That's rough estimate, without the frame and rear shock. Add, say $1000 for the frame and shock, plus $150 to get everything shipped, and you're looking at $2900. That's not what I paid to build this, but we all need to keep at least some secret to ourselves I guess.

If this estimate seems horribly off, I'm sure someone will have the decency in them to correct me. We all love correcting each other on these forums.....
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