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My First 29'r

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Just got my first 29r, so far I'm digging it...only have about an hour on it, Not sure the gearing is hard enough, I'll get to that in a minute. I'm also getting used to the larger wheels, to early to tell if I'll like them over 26s. I bought a 2009 G.T. Peace 9r Multi Med (18"), I had the shop convert it to a single speed (yes, I bought it for the paint job) because gears are not really needed where I live and I like the lower maintenance. The cranks where replace with Bontrager Big Earls, thus why I'm not sure I like the gearing. I also want to cut the steer tube down a little. Other than that, I totally dig it...G.T. did it again, I've always loved there frames, this ones no exception. Its Reynolds 520 and feels great. Sorry no pics yet, maybe tomorrow, the one pictured is the same thing though (the one pictured I think is a small).

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Congrats on the new bike! Post up some real pics of it. I'm sure it looks better because it's SS...
I can't understand why GT doesn't put that rasta paint job on the singlespeed model.
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